Whats it all about? Competitions Explained

Here's a quick guide for swimmers about competition types and what's involved, if you have any questions please always just speak to your coach and they can help explain further. There are of course many different types of competition meet, but usually swimmers will start with club level (club monthly time trials and club championships) to gain records of their times that can then be used to enter competitions. Competitions in which the club will compete are selected by the head coach, and the entry secretary will gather information about these meets and work out which swimmers may have qualifying times. Those swimmers with suitable times then become "eligible" to enter and are advised by method of email invitation from the web "Noticeboard" that they have the opportunity to enter a competition. Swimmers should reply to invite to say if they accepting to enter, or rejecting (note you can also edit your response, for example if you are only able to swim on a morning or afternoon, or on a single day of a weekend meet etc...). Once you have replied you wish to enter, the head coach will review your eligibility and select which swims to enter you for. Note that this may not always be your favourite stroke, but the coaches use competitions also to encourage swimmers in their development across all strokes! Once entries have been submitted we need to wait until the host club confirms their program. Once we receive confirmation the entry secretary will post a message on the club website to ask swimmers to check the competition page. If your entry has been accepted you will see your name on the event program. If your entry was un-successful you will be "scratched" from the event, meaning that your time was just not fast enough or the event may have been oversubscribed. In this case your entry would be shown as "SCR" on the program. Sometimes a reserve place may be offered, in which case you are shown as "ALT" or "RES", and you are expected to attend the meet as often you will get to swim. Always check the website regularly so you don't miss attending an event!


Meet types and progression: 

Club events (time trials / club championships; these don't require entry times)

South Lanarkshire Development Meets (hosted by all the clubs in our area, typically these are held at Larkhall pool and are subject to very loose entry time requirements. They are used to help younger swimmers gain confidence and to gather times for entries into the next level of meet)

Graded Meets / Open Meets (entries are considered by age / time critera)

West District (these are SASA West of Scotland events, Junior and Senior age groups and LASC swimmers regularly progress to this level of meet. Entry times are tough, but achievable so keep up your hard work!)

Nationals (Scottish and British, qualifying times are achieved from accredited meets and LASC swimmers are entered as part of the South Lanarkshire team. Some dedicated LASC swimmers have progressed to this level which is a great reflection on the clubs development in recent years.)