Coach Emma K swimming at the British Championship

Huge congratulations to Emma Kennedy on being called up to represent South Lanarkshire in the 4 x 100m free relay at the British Championships next weekend at Tollcross. 

For anyone wanting to go and cheer her on, Emma will be swimming on the Saturday morning. Tickets are still available 

🏊‍♀️We hope you enjoy the experience of competing in your first British Championships Emma! 🏊‍♀️

Wetsuits on e-Bay

Just a quick post as there are a few swimmers now jumping into the open water, if you need a wetsuit a good option is to look at TriSportsResort on e-Bay. This is the clearance shop for well know retailer and mostly they post items that have been customer returns. On wetsuits that will typically be when someone has tried on a wetsuit, put their fingernail through it, and sent it back (usually with tags still on). As Wiggle can’t sell them again new, they clear them on e-Bay. But the wetsuits are always good and any small nicks or tears can be patched with Black Witch glue (neoprene glue) which is great and costs around £8 a tube and good to keep to hand. Always look at the wetsuit sizing chart and buy based on firstly your weight and then your height. You can also go to Wiggle’s website to read reviews and check the usual selling price so you know not to bid too high. Note that swimming wetsuits are also shorter in the leg so don’t be worried about that. Here’s the e-Bay shop, have a look, it’s worthwhile. Good first time brands are ORCA , Zone3 and DHB.

Summer TraininG

Just a wee reminder that we are on our summer timetable for training sessions until August. The only thing that’s different is there are no Thursday night or Sunday evening sessions. 

Monday AM 07:00 - 08:00

Monday PM usual time for your squad 

Wednesday AM 07:00 - 08:00

Friday  AM 07:00 - 08:00

Saturday AM 07:00 - 08:00

Saturday also has the added bonus of a breakfast club after training. 

As always, any questions just PM this page. 

Enter the brave!

Well done to the OWS squad today at Pinkston. The sun had gone, the wind was up, oh and the rain came on too just for good measure. But this didn’t stop our fun and even our head coach Jan (who as a busy mum and coach didn’t even have time to stop and put on a wetsuit!) jumped in for some laps. A special well done to young India who was trying out for the first time, along with her dad David. It’s great to try something new and hope to see you both again soon.


Breakfast Club begins

Saturday morning training just got even better.

Here are some of our athletes tucking into their breakfast, courtesy of our sponsors. Thanks again

Swimmers enjoying the breakfast club

Swimmers enjoying the breakfast club