What to do if you have a complaint

If you have a grievance or complaint you should first speak to a member of the Committee, ideally this should be either the Parent Rep or President, to see if the complaint may be dealt with informally.

If you still have a complaint, or it cannot be managed informally in the first instance, we recommend that you speak the Club Secretary and request a copy of the Clubs Complaints Procedure.

You must then submit your Complaint in writing to the Club Secretary no later than 30 (thirty) days from the initial date of the incident.

All complaints at this stage should be dealt with at Club level following the Clubs Complaints  Procedure, unless the issue is of a Child Protection, Criminal or Doping matter.

Only after this process has been exhausted without resolve should you contact Scottish Swimming.

Further information available on the Scottish Swimming web site at www.scottishswimming.com

Larkhall Avondale ASC Complaints follows Scottish Swimming Guidelines as detailed in Section 16 of Scottish Swimming Company Rules