A few important reminders.....

Just a reminder on a few points regarding Club procedures:

1    Data Check – Please keep Amanda Strachan, our Child Protection Officer, up to date on any changes to contact details (addresses, telephone numbers) or any changes in relation to health conditions including allergies and medication you think we should be aware of.

2  Mobile phones – As per the Club’s mobile phone policy and in accordance with the codes of conduct, the Committee would like to remind swimmers that the use of mobile phones is not permitted poolside or within the changing areas or the toilets. Can swimmers ensure that all mobile phones and electronic equipment are securely put away before they enter the Leisure Centre and will not be used again until they leave.  The Club is not responsible for any damage or loss to these devices and any misuse will be taken up by the Committee.

3   Fees – A final reminder that Scottish Swimming Fees should be paid by 01 April.

Thank you