Swimfo - Competition Fees

Swimming provides opportunities for our athletes to compete at various levels and venues across West Central Scotland and beyond.


Competitions are usually run by host clubs who set both entry requirements and the cost of each swim.  This cost can vary from £2.00 per swim at development meets to £8.00 per swim for higher level graded meets.  Information on upcoming meets is posted on our webpage.


When swimmers accept swims, our Club is billed for that amount which we pay up front and parents then pay the club once the swim is complete.  Payment can be made in cash via our Treasurer or via bank transfer using the same details provided for your monthly fees. We ask that payment is made as soon as possible after each competition.  This includes any non-attendance as the Club will still be charged.

Did you know?

Did you know? Larkhall Avondale ASC hosts both a development meet and a graded meet each year.  Last year saw our first graded meet in 15 years and it’s fair to say it was a real success.