New Policy – Club Communications

Good communication between officials, members and parents is essential to the effective running of our Club. 

As your Committee, we want to get to know our swimmers and their parents well so our preference, wherever possible, is to discuss things face to face.  That is why we welcome parents coming to see us at any time in the relative comfort and privacy of the “canteen area” where we can have a friendly chat over a coffee – we’ll even pay!  So please drop in and say hello when you can. It can get busy but just look out for the blue shirts and we will find the time.

We appreciate that this may not always be possible, or appropriate, and that some people are more comfortable communicating in writing or via social media.  

In any case, the comments we receive are overwhelmingly positive and supportive and much appreciated by our volunteers.  We are all experienced enough however to accept that you can’t please all of the people all of the time and very occasionally we will have to deal with complaints, grievances and other more negative feedback.  

This is normal business for any Club and we welcome all constructive feedback.  However, we have a duty of care to all our swimmers, members, officials, volunteers and parents to ensure that conduct associated with such communication is appropriate.  

To that end, the Committee has agreed a new Communications Policy which will be adopted with immediate effect.  We would ask that you familiarise yourself with the content and trust we have your support in these matters.

You can find a copy of the policy HERE

A copy can also be found at the foot of the web page.