We did iT! - 100 members

The Club Committee is delighted and proud to announce that Larkhall Avondale Amateur Swimming Club has now reached 100 members.

This is a significant milestone for the Club and is the result of several years of planning and hard work by our Committee members, coaches and volunteers to raise our membership by over 50% since 2016.

Key to this growth is our belief that swimming should be open to all with every member of our club treated equally and with dignity and respect regardless of ability or background. As a Club we remain committed to inclusive practice, keeping our costs as low as possible whilst maintaining high quality training and other experiences for our athletes.

Our fantastic 100 includes disability swimmers, competition swimmers, triathletes, masters swimmers, water polo players, open water swimmers, an international athlete and many others from 7 to 70 who just love the sport and the sense of community it brings.

We believe that this diversity is our strength and the key to our future success. As such it should be rightly celebrated.

Well done to everyone at the Club, but most of all to our swimmers, for their enthusiasm, hard work, sense of fun and for their commitment to making our club a friendly, safe environment to make friends and grow!