Swim Speak

This information should help those new to swimming, both parents and swimmers. This will guide you through some of the language related to swimming that is likely to be used at some point in your swimmer’s career.

The list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change. Please do not hesitate to ask any of the coaches or committee members for clarification if you need it.

Accredited Meet

This is a competition where there is a full complement of officials and all the rules of swimming will be applied.

Accredited Time

A time achieved at a competition where there has been a full complement of officials and all the rules of swimming have been applied.

Consideration Time

A time for an event set by the meet organiser that swimmers must be faster than to be considered for entry.

Converted Time

A time calculated using tables to compensate for a change of pool length. A time swam in a 25m pool can be converted into an equivalent time for a 50m pool and vice versa.

Disqualification (DQ)

The most common reasons why a swimmer is disqualified are that a swimmer has not touched the wall properly when turning (e.g. 2 hand touch in breaststroke and butterfly) or has not used the proper stroke technique (e.g. breaststroke legs in butterfly).


A Drill is an exercise or practice which is designed to strengthen or enhance some part of a stroke. For example, rib tickle is a front crawl drill where the thumb of the hand that is recovering out of the water is dragged along the side of the body from the thigh to the armpit, this drill causes a "high elbow" recovery which is a desirable characteristic of good front crawl technique. Some other drills are - kicking, finger trail, catch up, single arm, two kicks to one pull etc.


Short for butterfly stroke.


Short for freestyle or front crawl.

Graded Meet

Some swimmers are given an opportunity to swim competitively through graded meets. Each swimmer chosen to swim in an event at a graded meet must be able to swim faster than a specified time AND be slower than a cut off time for the event. If a swimmer swims faster than the cut off time they will be awarded a "Speeding Ticket” or “Swam Too Fast” Certificate.